Picked Up Some Temporary Work

While I have been dreaming of taking a big vacation this summer, coming up with the money has been another story.  I’ve sold some stuff on eBay and picked up the odd extra shift at work, but what I really needed was a way to make a real amount of extra money that would allow me to take a trip.

So, I decided to look for another job.

After spending some time with a buddy of mine helping them at a jobsite in Brentwood, I decided that I might apply for the job posting I saw for Water Damage Restoration Brentwood.  I knew that I didn’t have a lot of experience, but I was a quick learner, so I thought I would be a good fit for the position. 

IMG20170206WA0023I really wanted the job as it was going to be primarily weekend work, and that was just about the only extra time I had to fit extra work in.

I couldn’t afford to screw up the interview, so I recruited my friends to help do mock-interviews with me, and when it came time for my interview I was ready.

Thankfully I got the job.

This weekend will be my first day of work and I’m excited – I really feel like my “dream” of going on vacation is actually becoming more of a reality.

Falling in Love with Real Estate

IMG_0872It has been six months since I took a job as a realtor.  I hate to admit the fact that I didn’t do it because I wanted to, but rather because I needed to: it was an opportunity for me to put some food on the table and keep a roof over my head when finding a job wasn’t easy.  Difficulty aside, I’m one of those people that do what needs to be done, so I worked hard to get my first sale.

Then my second.

Before I knew it, I was selling houses rather regularly.  I certainly could have done more, but I was breaking myself into the job, and I was taking my time as I wanted to be thorough and not make any mistakes.

It went well.

But things changed for me when I was taking pictures of some Milgard Ultra Woodclad windows In Pasadena: I loved how they looked.

In fact, it was probably the first time that I actually saw a property that spoke to me and appealed to me.  Up to that point, it was just my job and I did what needed to be done.

Was I falling in love with real estate?

You bet.  In fact, there have been simple things at many properties that I have listed since then that I have fallen in love with including flowerbeds, floor plans of homes and even the choice of flooring.

Who knew that my job would affect me in the way it did: I can’t wait to see what other things I learn about myself while working as a realtor.

Dreaming of the Mountains

There are times that I sit here at work and dream of the mountains.  They are my most favorite place in the world, and I try to visit them each and every year.  I know that I can’t go there as often as I would like, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate my time there.

Take a look at this:


I love it.

But there will be a few months before I can head out to the mountains again – let me tell you: it won’t come quick enough.